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At INPEL we provide an array of home maker personal care services to our consumers. Through our services provided, INPEL strives to empower all consumers and assist them in establishing community partnerships that help promote consumer self-sufficiency. Here you will find a description of all services.

Supported Living

Supported Living is a way to assist individuals with MRDD to live as independently as possible in their own communities, with support from public funds. Services may be provided in the home of the individual, who lives on his/her own, or in the family home in which the individual resides. INPEL has Shared Site Homes so that an individual may share supported living with up to three other individuals in a supported living arrangement. Services and supports are identified on an Individual Service Plan (ISP).

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Adult Day Services

Day Services has a daily lesson plan, daily schedules and daily activities prepared in advance that are suitable for all individuals. These activities are developed to help each individual become more independent and to promote self-advocacy. Here at INPEL you will have the opportunity to focus on activities such as art, fitness, academics, social skills, recreation and leisure, vocational, individual skill building, volunteerism, community integration, and much more. Some examples of community integration would be to attend the local YMCA, local park outings, going shopping, and attending a movie and much more!

Respite Care

Respite care is a service that allows the consumer to receive their HPC services outside of their primary residence. Respite care can be provided within the community or in the provider's home.

Family Homes

Family Homes are homes where consumers live with their provider while receiving some or all of the HPC services. All HPC services are specified in the consumer's Individual Service Plan (ISP).


Non-Medical Transportation means transportation that is used by the consumer solely to access Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, Supported Employment Enclave, and/or Supported Employment Community Services as specified by their Individual Service Plans (ISP).

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Home Maker Personal Care

HPC services consist of assistance with Light Housekeeping, Laundry, ADL's (Activity of Daily Living), Medication, Money Management, Advocacy, Companionship, Organizing bills, Learning skills needed for skill development, Transportation to appointments and Community Activities, and assisting with engaging in Community Activities. INPEL provides HPC services in the community and in the consumer's home depending on the needs of the consumer and his or her family.

Vocational Habilitation

Vocational Habilitation teach and reinforce concepts related to work such as: Responsibility, Attendance, Task Completion, Problem Solving, Social Interaction, Motor Skill Development and Safety. We believe at INPEL that a vocation allows an individual to experience a true sense of meaning and self-worth. The job is a function of an individual, not an individual being the function of a job. This program is designed to allow an individual to work in the job types that are best suited for them to achieve success.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment teaches new work related skills and help the consumer to apply the skills they already know. We help integrate our individuals in the working world, by carefully matching each individual with the best fit employer. Our individuals who are seeking employment, has a job coach that works side-by-side with them. Job coaches work closely with each consumer until they are skilled enough to work independently in the work field. Supported Employment main goal is to integrate our individuals into the community, and to utilize the full potentiality that they all have.

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